Friday, September 05, 2008

Moving on...

It's time for me to move on from Parkin's Lot, a blog I started way back when blogging was not yet a household term, and whose focus has been primarily on the fields of elearning and online informal networks. I'm going to leave Parkin's Lot up, because despite not having had much of an update in two years, some of its articles still get a lot of visitors. But I will not be blogging here in the future.

I am now once again working in what has been my major area of interest throughout my career -- digital strategy and online social networks.

My company, Britefire keeps me very busy with digital strategy consulting and training work, and we are doing some major soup-to-nuts online marketing projects for some of our clients which occupy a lot of time and energy. For example, I am now the marketing director of a global distribution company for a range of natural seaweed skin care products that we are now rolling out on the web worldwide. I am also taking similar positions in the holding companies of a number of other high-end or luxury brands that we are e-marketing around the globe, in areas from fragrances to fashion to jewelry to travel and real estate. I'm developing a mobile-phone based business to provide math and science education to high school kids. And on top of this, I have joined the faculty of a premiere graduate business school (USB-ED) where I will be responsible for the programme in online marketing strategy.

I still have a passion for elearning, follow its evolution closely, have a company active in the field, and still do some conference keynotes in this area. But there are only 168 hours in a week...

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