Thursday, October 14, 2004

Some changes in the blog

I've had a number of e-mails asking if I'm still blogging or if I've abandoned the effort. Good to know there are actual readers out there, not just stats on the tracker! I just took a week off to get reorganized, and am back with some minor changes..

I have drafts of eight to twelve topics for every one that gets posted, partly because I have been reluctant to do the typical blogger thing of saying "here's a link that is interesting, go read it" and partly because the Blogger default keeps putting that irritating "read more" message in even when there IS no more.

I am now persuaded that providing a link and brief introduction is better than the items not making it at all. In the meantime I'll try to hack a solution that prevents the read more message from showing up every time. Anyone who has a ready-made solution, please e-mail me!

And maybe if I am less long-winded there will be more comments within the blog itself (though please feel free to continue e-mailing me if that's what you prefer).

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