Thursday, July 08, 2004

Level 3 evaluation

We have seen a lot of level 3 success with a Problem Solving & Decision Making blended course that we built for Kepner-Tregoe. Throughout the pre-classroom online portion of the course, each learner interacts asynchronously with both his/her instructor and to a lesser extent with his/her manager. The interaction is around defining real workplace instances in which the rational thinking processes need to be applied, and in working through those applications.

Then, in the classroom portion of the course, those learner-specific workplace applications are practiced and coached intensively, and a few key projects for practically applying the skills are defined.

Then, after the classroom portion, each learner has several weeks in which to document those applications back at the workplace for both the instructor and the manager, who are available where necessary for further coaching and advice. The course is not completed till both sign off on those documented projects.

The great thing about doing this sort of thing online is that you can capture solid cases and metrics of practical workplace application, and demonstrate relevant and targeted value of the training immediately.

Of course, it's more difficult to do in some subject matters than others.

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